Monday, August 29, 2011

Artist Spotlight 4: Tory Stolen, Dave Lethcoe and Eli Show

And now please give and almost overly enthusiastic welcome to Eli, Tory and Dave. All three are BFA alumni from the University of South Dakota. All three are members of the band We All Have Hooks For Hands. All three had ponytails with cat scratches as grade schoolers and didn't even know each other.

If you live in Sioux Falls and haven't heard of these guys you must be living under an old piece of sheet metal which covers a small hole in the ground in which there are no shelves.

Need I say anymore? Probably not.

Tory Stolen
Ortholitho film on found wood

 Tory Stolen
Ortholitho print, black and white print, wood stain, acrylic paint and graphite on found wood

Eli Show
Holy Ghost and House Guests
Screen print and wood on wood panel

Eli Show
Digital photograph of an installation

Dave Lethcoe
Consume Sheep Skin Costume
Wood, wax, acrylic paint, found objects

Dave Lethcoe
Fictional Function
Wooden chairs and other found objects

Eli will be working on a screen printing project, perhaps involving other media. David will be making a mixed media sculpture requiring the use of power tools and 
Tory will be doing some sort of interesting photographic transfer mixed media work.

New to Take the day., these guys will add greatly to the dynamic of the group. I am immensely gladdened by their involvement.

Now for a little music.

Have a great day.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Artist Spotlight 3: Cassie Marie Edwards and Giles Timms

These two fantastic artists are not the only faculty members at Dakota State University who will be featured in Take the day. 2011, however they will be the first. Giles and Cassie Marie, both relatively fresh out of MFA programs at UCLA and Northern Illinois University, bring interesting aesthetic paths of conversation into the South Dakota art dialogue.

As rare as it is to find an animator in SD, it's pretty amazing that one of the few is as heavy-hitting as Giles Timms. Juggling reductivism and sheer visual symphony, he creates magical worlds often blurring a child's sense of figuration with that of ancient times.

In a land of many many homes with many many many walls on which are hung many many many many kitsch paintings in which there are many many many many many shallow sentiment buttons, as of recently lives Cassie Marie Edwards. By rendering the Tchotchke, Cassie Marie concisely makes art and decor inseparable, thus forcing us to make distinctions between the two terms. Clean and very blatant, her work exists within the always vital realms of conceptualism which speak of our relationships with, ultimately, everything.

At Take the day. 2011 Giles will be working on stop-motion drawing video and Cassie Marie will be working on a still life painting. It's gonna be great!

Below are a couple of music videos that represent Giles, and a couple of paintings that represent Cassie Marie. Look even farther down for links.

Grapevine Fires, Death Cab for Cutie (04:17)
Illustration, 2D animation, compositing (in team)

Production Studio: Walter Robot Studios,
Directors: Bill Barminski and Chris Louie
Art Director: Bill Barminski
Illustrators: Bill Barminski and Giles Timms
2D Animators: Bill Barminski, Chris Louie and Giles Timms
©2009 Death Cab for Cutie/Walter Robot Studios

Flyleaf, Chasm (02:53), Animated Music Video
All Aspects
A&M | Octone Records, 2010
Agency RW Media

Deer  8x10"  2010  Oil on canvas

Hare  20x20" 2011  Oil on canvas 

Thank you Cassie Marie. Thank you Giles. This is going to be great.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Artist Spotlight 2: Amber Hansen and Nicholas Ward

Nick Ward and Amber Hansen are two of the most creative people I know. From video, to painting, to sculpture, to community-based projects, to masterful drawings, these two do can do it all, and very well.
Both of these fantastic artists received their MFA from University of Kansas, where Amber is currently the lecturer of drawing and painting. Right now these two are in Joplin, MO organizing and documenting a community mural project. Below you'll find some of their videos as well as a link to a kickstarter page for "Called to Walls," a national mural project/documentary. Support if you can.

muybridge hands from Nicholas Ward on Vimeo.

to oar or to oar not from Nicholas Ward on Vimeo.

The Wall from Amber Hansen on Vimeo.

Amber and Nick will be collaborating on an interactive video piece during Take the day. 2011. Wow! I can't wait. Below is what they made at Take the day.2010. Each head in this video is either a Take the day. artist or a member of the greater community. Music by Amber Hansen and Darcy Millette.

It's an honor folks.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Artist Spotlight 1: Shannon Sargent, Cory Knedler and John Bowitz.

Shannon, Cory and John are all first year participants. They are also all phenomenal artists with deep roots within this greater region's art world and academia. These three artists will be collaborating with one another at Take the day. 2011. I am looking forward to seeing what they create and what type of collaborative process comes forth. Here are a couple images of past collaborations between the three and links to follow for more info.

Thanks guys. Great Work.