Thursday, September 8, 2011

Artist Spotlight 6: Amy Fill and Mary Groth

Amy is a returning Take the day. participant and this is Mary's first year featured, so welcome Mary and welcome back Amy. I am thrilled that Mary will be involved this year. As an extremely talented person with a reputation that precedes her, Mary will certainly up the Take the day. anti. There's something about Amy, something unpredictable. She's a magical eclecticist and truly one of the most free thinking SD artists.
I don't have full information pertaining to the images below so I will guess if I need to. I apologize in advance if I guess wrong.

Mary Groth

Mystery Woman: Scandia
Dimensions unknown
Probably either an oil or acrylic painting or pastel drawing on some sort of fabric, panel or paper.

Title and dimensions unknown
appears to be a drawing of some sort on either paper or canvas.

Amy Fill

Slip cast wood fired porcelain

 Ground Blooms and Smoke Bombs
Mixed media on canvas, dimensions variable.  Full size 53 inches by 18 feet.  Image shows a 24 inches by 30 inches section

Thank you Amy. Thank you Mary. Take the day. 2011 will be great.

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