Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Artist Spotlight 8: Andres Torres and Steve Bormes

Wonderful people: Steve Bormes and Andres Torres.

Andres has been a great friend and mentor to me for over a decade now and I love him. Steve and his wife Tove do so much to support progressive culture that their efforts and impact escape words. Steve maintains his studio at Rug and Relic, a wonderfully eclectic shop and art gallery which he and Tove own in downtown Sioux Falls. It's difficult to put Steve's work into words; lets just say that he makes the strangest lights you ever did see.

And now.....

Andres Torres

Oil and fabric on canvas

Oil on panel

Steve Bormes

Flight Log
  Antique Yogurt Churn; elk antlers, vintage wooden propellers, steel beams, tin chicken feeder.
60" x 78" x 20"

Don't Talk To Strainers
antique yogurt churn, antique strainers, antique bisque doll parts, antique car parts 30" x 17"

This year's gonna be fun boys. Thank you!

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